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Andrew J. Sass

N.B., Most of the writing I have developed over the past few years has related to my career as a children’s book author. I have also laid out writing I produced for various tech companies for whom I worked on both a full-time and contract basis, linking to examples when available.

Thought Leadership Blog Post (writing sample – never published)



How to articles

Blog posts

Consumer-facing content

As an editor at Justia, I spearheaded the development of the LGBTQ+ Legal Resource Center, which included building an outline of relevant topics, researching and writing pages with engaging and understandable copy, and drafting a comprehensive and searchable Q&A of commonly asked questions.


At Justia, I also developed and created content for the company’s in-house employee and client-facing newsletters, spotlighting Justia employees and clients to create human interest pieces, highlighting new features and products Justia was launching, and providing resources of interest to our client base.

Social media

At Justia and Softonic, I managed social media networks, creating short- and longer-form copy to engage users and keep them up to date on relevant news, product launches, and company milestones.

Older blog posts

As a content editor at Softonic, I wrote blog posts on breaking news, game reviews, and software how-tos, in adherence with a content calendar on which I collaborated with the rest of my team. (N.B., these posts were written prior to my transition and appear under my former name.)