Gender and the Space In-Between

Long before I changed my official identity documents, I came out at my workplace, explaining my situation and that my preferred pronouns are male. Now, people rarely misgender me, and it’s a rarer occasion still when I have to come out as trans or correct the pronouns by which people refer to me. Everyone just assumes I’m male by default, and I don’t often correct them, even though that view is wrong. At best, it’s near-sighted.

How Fan Fiction Fixed My Writer’s Block

I got introduced to back in 2012, and oh was it glorious. I’d indulged in occasional fandom-inspired drabbles when the internet was still young, even an angst-ridden multi-chapter I’d scribble into a notebook by hand during the tail-end of weekend babysitting gigs. I dropped this in favor of a personal blog the moment I started college (as one does?). Ten years later, I was back in a new fandom with a vengeance, prolific if short-lived.