There are a handful of writing projects in the works, the most notable of which are as follows:

  • ANA ON THE EDGE: A contemporary LGBTQ Middle Grade novel about a figure skater questioning her gender identity after developing a friendship with a transgender boy.
  • MG: A contemporary LGBTQ story about a 13 year old gender-fluid kid who has big plans to reconnect with her estranged BFF on her school’s summer Spain trip–without conceding the point that tore them apart in the first place.
  • YA: A contemporary LGBTQ novel with Southern Gothic elements told in the alternating points of view of a new arrival to a Louisiana boarding school who wants nothing more than to connect and make friends and a Cajun local still reeling from a family tragedy who isn’t interested in letting anyone else in.
  • YA: A contemporary LGBTQ novel that’s a story within a story (not to mention a love note to ballet and writing).
  • YA: A contemporary LGBTQ novel about rival Junior-level US figure skaters, one trans, the other cis.