AJ Sass is a fiction-writing figure skater, inclined toward adventures of a traveling nature. He is non-binary, and keen on exploring how gender-identity and neurodiversity impact character narratives. AJ grew up in the Midwest, came of age in the South, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area with his boyfriend and two cats who act like dogs.


Just the Facts

Name: Andrew Jonathan Sass. I tend to go by AJ online and in writing.

Age: I can now accurately say I’m in my mid-30s (I was a baby of the mid-80s).

Pronouns: Male or gender neutral (singular they/their/them).

Location: Greater San Francisco Bay Area, California.

Origin: Technically Wisconsin, but I say Minnesota (spent most of my K-6 years in Rochester).

Relationship (two-legged): Deven, my creative and wonderfully witty boyfriend.

Relationship (four-legged): Amato (“Amo”) and Alistair, the cats who can fetch.


  • Bachelors of Arts | majors: Psychology, Religious Studies, and Jewish Studies
  • Juris Doctor | focus: LGBT rights and online accessibility to legal resources


  • Cartwheels on ice
  • Willing people and plots into existence with the mere tippety-tap of my fingers
  • Learning languages
  • Traveling to new places (bonus points if they have ice rinks)
  • Tea-tasting
  • Latté sampling
  • High-volume book accrual
  • Collecting Harry Potter books in ALL the languages