Ana on the Edge

Middle Grade Contemporary LGBT Fiction


When up-and-coming ice skater Ana learns she’ll be portraying a princess in her new program, she’s not thrilled. How can she convincingly skate as ladylike royalty when she doesn’t always feel like a girl?

There’s a lot riding on Ana’s success next season, and the pressure only rises once Ana discovers she’ll be changing training centers, taking lessons from specialist coaches, even working with a famous choreographer. Money has always been tight due to Ana’s single-parent home-life. That’s why she is reluctant to voice her concerns about the creative direction her choreographer is taking with her latest program—even though she has always preferred sleek, skirt-less one-pieces to glittery dresses and opts to keep her hair short to avoid the complex updos and elaborately hair-sprayed tresses that are usually favored at skating competitions.

When Ana is offered the chance to assist with her new rink’s beginning skating classes in exchange for free ice-time, she gladly accepts. She’s eager to help her mom with the bills—better yet, it’s a distraction from her increasingly pushy choreographer.

Then Hayden, a beginner in one of her classes, mistakes Ana for a boy, and Ana decides not to correct him. Hayden is funny and easy to talk to, and Ana soon finds herself settling into a comfortable, boyish identity whenever he’s around. But as their friendship develops, and with the new skating season fast approaching, Ana quickly realizes it’s not so easy to juggle two very different identities on one slippery ice sheet.